In United States explained “almost stolen” plane from Kabul airport

American servicemen during the evacuation from the airport of Kabul in August stopped the actions of five people who tried to capture the plane, writes the Edition of Defense One with reference to the US Air Force.

It is noted that the US military, which ensured the safety of air harbor, transferred intelligence data. According to this information, “five people who were on board the aircraft who committed one of the commercial flights intended to capture him and almost stole him.”

Persons of people who tried to capture the aircraft are not disclosed. In the US Air Force, they said that as a result, the incident settled, but it was not reported how exactly they managed to prevent the “hijacking” of the air.

Earlier it was reported that representatives of the Taliban terrorist movement (prohibited in Russia) prevented the terrorist attack at the Kabul airport. Taliban stopped the bus, which was heading to the airport of the Afghan capital. The US citizen told them that there were two suicide terrorist and explosives in the transport. The militants demanded all passengers to leave the bus, after which it was carefully examined.

August 30, the United States completed its military presence in Afghanistan. During the military campaign, the American contingent lost 2461 military and civilian. More than 20 thousand American citizens were injured.

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