Deputy fainted while performing in parliament

Austrian deputy from Social Democrats Eva-Maria Holzlytner fainted at a meeting of the National Council of Austria, writes Kronen Zeitung.

The incident occurred at an extraordinary meeting of the lower chamber of parliament. Holzlytner, during the speech, he felt the weakness and fainted, the session had to be interrupted. The deputy was promptly assistance, and in a couple of minutes she had already returned to participate in the meeting.

later Holzlyaitner thanked the colleagues to her to the rescue, and also noted numerous wishes about the recovery that she did. The deputy also wrote in twitter that feels good.

Earlier, the Minister of Health of the Netherlands Bruno Brein fainted during the Coronavirus discussion. The politician quickly came to himself, drank water and left the meeting room. Later Brein said that he lost consciousness due to overwork after difficult weeks.

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