Senate of Czech Republic will redistribute powers of president

The Senate of the Czech Republic will redistribute the powers of President Milos Zemrena, who is in resuscitation, after receiving information about its health and forecasts for recovery. This is reported by Czech television (Česká Televize) with reference to the chapter of the Commission on the Security Commission of the Upper Chamber of Parliament Paul Fisher.

It is noted that the authority will be distributed between the Prime Minister Andrei Babysch and the speakers of both chambers of the Czech Parliament. The politician stressed that parliamentarians receive extremely few information about the state of the republic’s leader. “The way we learn about the health of the president with a delay, inaccurate and misleading information, just incredible,” he indicated.

Zemren was hospitalized to the Central Military University Hospital in Prague on October 10. At the moment, it is in the branch of the anesthesiology and intensive care for patients who are inevitable to failure of basic life functions. The status of a policy is stable, after him observes a medical team specializing in intensive therapy. However, his planned meeting with the prime minister was canceled.

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