Mattermost 6.0 messaging system is available

Available Edition Messaging System MatterMost 6.0 , focused on ensuring the communication of developers and employees of enterprises. The code of the server part of the project is written in the GO language and extends under the MIT license. web-interface and Mobile Applications Written on JavaScript using React, desktop client For Linux, Windows and MacOS is built on the Electron platform. MYSQL and PostgreSQL can be applied as the DBMS.

Mattermost is positioned as an open alternative to the system of organizing communications Slack and allows you to receive and send Messages, files and images, track the story of the negotiations and receive notifications on a smartphone or PC. Supported Prepared for Slack integration modules, as well as a large collection of own modules for integration with Jira, GitHub, IRC, XMPP , Hubot, Giphy, Jenkins, Gitlab, Trac, Bitbucket, Twitter, Redmine, SVN and RSS / Atom.

Basic innovations :

  • The interface implements a new navigation panel, simplifying operations with channels, discussions, checklists (PlayBook), projects / tasks and external integrations. You can also get quick access to search, saved messages, recent mentions, settings, status and profile.

  • stabilized and enabled by default support for many experimental capabilities, such as plugins, archive channels, guestcar accounts, export of all downloads and messages, MMCTL utility, delegation of participants of individual administrator roles.
  • in the channels implemented the preview of links to messages (the message is shown under the link, which eliminates the need to move to understand what it is spelled).
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