Doctors declared reduced mortality from COVID-19 drugs

Scientists of the Caroline Institute discovered drugs that reduce mortality among patients with coronavirus. Such drugs have become means for combating cholesterol, writes The Times.

Specialists conducted a study in Sweden, in which about a million people aged 45 years have participated. Doctors analyzed information about drugs adopted by patients, as well as information from the register of death.

As a result of the study, scientists called statins with medicines that reduce not only cholesterol levels, but also mortality from COVID-19. Experts stated that their patients taking them with a lesser probability go away from the coronavirus. In addition, statins help reduce inflammation in blood vessels.

“In general, our results confirm the continuation of the use of statins in such cases as cardiovascular diseases and a high level of blood lipids in accordance with the current recommendations during the COVID-19 pandemic,” said one of the authors of the article Victor Alquiry.

However, scientists noted that the results of their research are not enough to come to the exact conclusions about the causal relationships between the use of statins and a decrease in mortality at coronavirus.

Previously, American scientists explained a high mortality rate from coronavirus. The most likely reason for this is the excessive accumulation of SARS-COV-2 particles in light patients.

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