Jean-Daniel FLAYSAKIER, former French journalist of France 2, is dead

The doctor had intervened until 2018 on the Plateaux de France 2.

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He worked regularly on the plateaus of France 2 as an expert on medical questions, flamboyant bow tie. Jean-Daniel FLAYSAKIER, died Thursday at the age of 70, announced Monday, October 11 France 2 during his jt of 13 hours.

“He had left television in 2018, but had never left medicine,” said France 2. In recent times, he worked at the Gustave-Roussy Institute of Villejuif, with women with breast cancer. “

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According to the site , his body was found on a beach of Sables-d’Olonne (Vendée), seaside resort of which he was regular. In 2017, there were also the sponsor of the health foundations organized in the municipality, reports the Parisian

Defense of the hospital and vaccination

Originally from Tours, the training doctor, a cancer specialist and formed at epidemiology, had started his career as a TV journalist in France 2 (then antenna 2) in the mid-1980s.

Whether in the television newspaper or in the telematic show, Jean-Daniel FLAYSAKIER was the main public face of medical journalism for more than thirty years, until 2018 and his departure from France 2, at age 67 years old. “I did a journalist’s work first and foremost, with a writing, and with the rules that apply to this profession,” he said at the time on the daily lives of the doctor. “Being a doctor, it makes it possible to decipher the medical news a little faster than the colleague, to have a more developed critical meaning in relation to what the experts can say, and then also to have a curiosity With regard to subjects less rebattis “, had continued the professional very straddling ethics, medical as journalistic.

Jean-Daniel FLAYSAKIER, who held the Blog Health, was also very active on Twitter, where he had nearly 40,000 subscribers. This amateur CalemBors (and rough exchanges) twitted a lot on health, for example to promote vaccination against CVIV-19, and on politics, to launch communitarianism and extremes, from right to left.

In August, he had been one of the first to sign, alongside Jean Carlet, former president of the European Resuscitation Society (Paris), a forum opposing the instrumentalisation of the crisis of the Public hospital by protesters hostile to mandatory vaccination and healthcare.

“We noted, in the protesters, as on social networks, which would like to be an argument to support the idea that vaccinating would be useless: the defense of the public hospital. The justification would be The following: the successive governments destroy the public hospital for years; the number of beds and the means collapsed, all this in contempt of public health; let’s start by rehabilitating the hospital and the conditions of care to better manage The pandemics before forcing to vaccination, can we read in this platform. But the vaccination is currently the only one that exists and that allows to avoid blocking the care system. (…) without entering here in the debate around mandatory, to be vaccinated against the SARS-COV-2 is a citizen, ethical and responsible act. One does not prevent the other: defending the hospital and, more broadly, access to quality care for all does not prevent it from being vaccinated con The SARS-COV-2. On the contrary, the two are part of a logic of protection of the most precarious and the most fragile. “

From a Jewish family, he had also told several times on Twitter the deportation of many of his in the Nazis camps during the Holocaust.

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