Gazprom caught in fraud in European gas market

Due to the sharp reduction in gas supplies to the EU countries, Gazprom caught in frauds with the creation of an artificial fuel deficit for the speedy launch of the “Northern Flow-2”. It is reported by Radio Poland.

According to analysts, Gazprom, it counts that the current gas shortage in the European market, which, in turn, led to a rapid increase in fuel prices, will force the EU to speed up the certification process of the “Northern Flow-2” certification. According to them, the situation of “excessive dependence of the EU from Russian gas” allows the Kremlin to put pressure or even blackmail to European countries in this matter.

Nevertheless, the specialists stressed that they are currently stopped or detaining the launch of the “Northern Flow-2” is not possible, since “the gas pipeline is ready, and the gas is already swinging.” Despite the active resistance of eurreptates from Poland, a conglomerate of European-Union companies participates in the project that lead firm politics and lobby their interests.

Earlier in October, it was reported that cold weather and as a result, the growth in demand for heating will aggravate the energy crisis in Europe. The weather forecasters said that from October 11 to October 24, temperatures are expected in the southern half of Germany.

/Media reports.