“messenger” took part in Microelectronics Forum

Satellite system “Gonot” (included in the state corporation “Roscosmos”) took part in the Russian Forum “Microelectronics 2021”, which takes place from 3 to 9 October 2021 in Alushta, the Republic of Crimea. The playground was created for the dialogue between the developers of the electronic component base and manufacturers of finished products, promotes the development of domestic microelectronics and applied technologies.

Satellite system “Goning” presented at the forum Subscriber equipment of satellite communications “messenger”, including a promising small satellite satellite modem, developed by CJSC Navigator, together with the Satellite System Satellite System Specialists. On October 4, the Director General of Pavel Chenkov and the General Director of the Navigator GC CJSC, Alexander Sekin, presented a promising modem and line of the Terminals “Golen” Deputy Minister of Minister of Minister of Minister Vasily Shpak. The presentation was carried out on the combined stand of two organizations. Representatives of the leadership of the Ministry of Industry and Commissioner highly appreciated the work performed and expressed their willingness to provide all the support of the further development of the Lines of Domestic Satellite Equipment.

The developed modem will be used as an OEM module, which will ensure its flexible integration into solutions of customers, for which the possibility of information exchange with remote moving or stationary objects is important, regardless of their location. The device works in double-sided mode and provides communication with the use of channels of the domestic system of mobile satellite communications “Gonole”.

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