France accused Poland in attack on European Union

The statement of the Constitutional Court of Poland on the priority of the country’s Constitution over the norms of the European Union (EU) is an attack on the European Community. This was stated by the Secretary of Mead of Foreign Minister Cleman Bon, reports BFM TV.

The diplomat accused Poland’s authorities in disrespect of fundamental European values, such as women’s rights and minorities, freedom of speech and media. According to him, the decision of Warsaw may entail the country from the European Union de facto.

“When you argue that your own rules are more important than the terms of the contract, then there is no contract, no participation,” concluded Bon. He indicated that the country should not call his laws more priority. According to the Secretary of State in the French Foreign Ministry, such a decision is embedded in the long chronicle of Poland’s provocations against the EU.

previously became known that the Constitutional Court of Poland recognized the rule of the National Constitution on the laws of the European Union. According to Polish judges, the Constitution of the Republic is higher than any other legal norms and must undermine the activities of all state bodies of Poland.

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