China threatened US nuclear strike in response to new Alliance

China should prepare to apply nuclear weapons to fight back to new alliances that form the United States, including Aukus. With such a statement, the former Ambassador of China in the UN Sha Tzukan was delivered to the issue of Daily Mail.

Tzuzuk believes that it is time to “revise and adjust” a long-standing commitment not to apply nuclear strikes first, since the US military presence increases. According to the diplomat, the current policy of Beijing gave “moral authority”, but “is not suitable” as an answer to Washington’s policy, which can threaten security in the region.

September 16, USA, Britain and Australia concluded an agreement on defense partnership. Alliance called Aukus (Australia, United Kingdom, USA). The purpose of the transaction is to protect and defend the common interests of the parties in the Indo-Pacific region and the combination of efforts in the development of the defense sector.

The creation of the Alliance led to the fact that Australia terminated contracts for the construction of a submarine in the amount of 66 billion dollars with France in favor of creating atomic submarines. Paris called the “blow to the back” the actions of Canberra and for the first time in history, withdrew its ambassador from the country.

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