United Kingdom will call military to fight gasoline deficiency

British Transport Minister Grant Shaped said that it does not exclude the possibility of attracting the military to combat the shortage of fuel truck drivers. The lack of truckers has already led to the closure of a number of refueling stations in the country, Bloomberg writes.

“As for such things, the role of the military [in the fight against the deficit] is obviously, if [such a need] will be, if it can really help, we will invite them,” said Shapps in conversation with BBC Radio. However, the authorities still have to discuss some “formalities” – for example, whether the military “immediately switch to commercial trucks” or it is better to entrust the training of new drivers and check their skills.

In addition, the minister reported plans to weaken the restrictions when issuing visas to immigrants in case of exacerbation of the lack of truckers. By this step, the government called on oil and gas companies for several weeks. According to Shatpps, the government “turns around the mountains” to solve the problem. “We will do everything you need to provide a sufficient number of drivers,” the minister argues. Due to the shortage of drivers, the food sector suffers – the shelves of supermarkets remain empty, because there is no one to carry products. The crisis has affected the supply of gas and electricity. His consequences already violate the work of energy companies and increase consumer accounts.

The second largest fuel retailer in the UK BP stated that it closes some filling stations due to lack of fuel truck drivers. By September 23, their number reached five. EXXON Mobil Oil Giant also announced the suspension of several objects. Previously, the authorities have already stated that they will simplify the procedure for obtaining driving rights and accelerate the testing system for more operational issuing licenses.

/Media reports.