Afghan refugees attacked US military personnel

Several Afghan refugees attack the US military on the American Base of Armed Forces in New Mexico. This is reported by TV channel Fox News with reference to the representative of the special service Jenett Harper.

The Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) understands the incident.

The incident occurred on September 19, a small group of men, which arrived from Afghanistan and is temporarily found on the basis, attacked the serviceman. Information about the personality of women and details about its state is not given.

“We received an appeal from the base of Fort Bliss and study the circumstances of the case,” said Harper. At the base, Fort Bliss introduced additional security measures, including reinforced patrols and made additional lighting.

On September 23, other two refugees escaped from Afghanistan, accused of crimes they committed after arriving at the Military Bases Fort Makka in Wisconsin. The 20-year-old Bakhruulla Nuri is accused of sexual crimes against two juvenile girls under the age of 16. 32-year-old Mohammad Harun Imaad attacked his spouse and tried to strangle her.

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