Release of a set of basic system utilities GNU Coreutils 9.0

available Stable version of the set of basic system utilities gnu Coreutils 9.0 , which includes programs such as Sort, Cat, Chmod, Chown, Chroot, CP, Date, DD, Echo, Hostname, ID, LN, Ls, etc. A significant change of the version number is explained by the presence of changes in the behavior of some utilities.

Key changes:

  • In CP and Install utilities, the COPY-ON-WRITE (Creating a full clone of the file instead of sharing data in several files).
  • In CP, Install and MV utilities, the copying mechanisms provided by the copying mechanisms (use of the Copy_File_range system call to copy only on the kernel side without transmitting data to the process memory in the user space).
  • In the CP, Install and MV utilities for defining emptiness in files, a simpler and portable LSEEK + Seek_hole call instead of IOCTL + FS_IOC_FIEMAP.
  • In the WC utility to accelerate the count of the number of rows, the AVX2 instructions are involved. When using this optimization, the WC speed increased 5 times.
  • In the CKSUM utility, the option “-a” (–algorithm) has been added to select the hashing algorithm. To accelerate the calculation of checksums in the CKSUM utility, the PCLMUL instructions are involved when using the “–algorithm = CRC” mode, which allowed to accelerate the calculation up to 8 times. On systems without support, PCLMUL mode CRC is accelerated 4 times. The remaining hashing algorithms (SUM, MD5SUM, B2SUM, SHA * SUM, SM3, etc.) are implemented by calling LIBCRYPTO functions.
  • in MD5SUM, CKSUM, SHA * SUM and B2SUM utilities when using the “–Check” flag is allowed for the CRLF sequence at the end of the line with the checksum. In “CKSUM –Check” provided automatic determination of the used hashing algorithm.
  • In the LS utility, the “–sort = width” option is added to sort the length of the file name, as well as the “–zero” option to complete each line with a zero symbol. The old behavior returned to show an empty directory instead of error in case of processing a remote directory.
  • In the DF utility, the ACFS, CODA, FHGFS, GPFS, IBRIX, OCFS2 and VXFS is implemented in the UBFS, IBRIX, OCFS2 and VXFS.
  • In the Stat and Tail utilities, support types “devmem”, “exfat”, “secretmem”, “vboxsf” and “zonefs” added. For “VboxSF” for tracking changes in “Tail -f” is involved in polyong, and for the others – Inotify.
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