Sovcombank appealed to police on second episode of fraud attempt

Former employee of Sovcombank, being under investigation in the case of the embezzlement, re-posted an ad for the sale of data of Internet applications for loans through its own telegram channel. Sovcombank filed a new statement to the police on the second episode of the attempt of fraud. This follows from the press release of the bank posted on the official website of the credit organization.

In May 2020, an employee of the external call center was revealed to the bank, who illegally copied the Internet application from lidogenerators who came to him for call. Copied data he planned to sell in Darknet. The attacker was detained by the police officers and subsequently released on a subscription of the unseen. We had copies of the lists of applications on a hard drive of its computer and external media were withdrawn. In December 2020, a former employee of the Bank was found guilty under Article 183 hours. 3 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation and condemned for 2 years conditionally.

However, during the investigation, the attacker did not leave attempts to sell hurdled copies of these applications and published a message about selling them in his own telegram channel, to which his mobile phone number was previously tied. According to this episode, according to the statement of Sovcombank, a criminal case was initiated into OMVD on the city of Caspian Dagestan, and then transferred to the UFSB of Russia in the Republic of Dagestan. Now the criminal case is sent to the court under Art. 183 h. 3 and Art. 274.1 h. 2.

“Special cynicism is that the repeated attempt of fraud occurred at the time when a statement was already filed in the police and investigative actions were actively conducted. This situation clearly demonstrates excessive softness of Russian laws regarding this type of crime, which is actively used by fraudsters. We We believe that the Russian legislation on the protection of information and commercial secrets has long been tightened, “said Sovcombank Chairman of the Board Sergey Khotimsky.

In his work, the Bank adheres to the strategy of zero tolerance to fraud and will continue to achieve real and severe punishment for this fraudster, noted in Sovcombank.

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