Biden hardly recognized his age

US President Joe Biden will make the third vaccination from Coronavirus, recommended by people over the age of 65. It is reported by Los Angeles Times.

In the course of his speech in the White House, the American leader hardly admitted that he is already more than 65. “But throw jokes to the side. I will make a booster dose. I’m not sure when exactly, but I will do it as soon as I can” – he stressed.

The President noted that unvaccified citizens may suffer serious damage to the country. According to him, the majority of hospitals and medical facilities of the United States are overflowing, and people with cancer, heart attack and other serious diagnoses cannot receive timely help.

Earlier it was reported that Biden plans to vaccinate from COVID-19 for the third time with his wife. The couple received the first two doses of the vaccine in January 2021.

On August 17, it became known that Washington made compulsory booster doses for all grafted citizens. Make a third vaccination needed eight months after a second dose. At the same time, specialists in the quality of food and medicines under the Ministry of Health and Social Services of the United States expressed uncertainty in the need for revaccination from COVID-19 in the country.

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