UK conceived to build nuclear power plants and exit energy crisis

The energy crisis in the UK made the government think about building nuclear facilities. The authorities of the United Kingdom want to continue stopped in 2020 due to lack of financing the construction of a nuclear power plant (NPP) in Wales, writes Bloomberg.

The government stated that the nuclear power is catastrophically necessary to achieve carbon neutrality (compensation for harmful emissions) by the middle of the century, but before that the country did not have enough money to implement large-scale projects. The main impetus to the development of atomic energy was the fear of remaining without heat and light in winter and the need to exit the energy crisis – due to insufficient wind generation and record high prices for GAZ, the United Kingdom experiences difficulties with the satisfaction of electricity demand.

According to the director of nuclear projects in the British government of Declan Berk, the Ministry of Business and Energy leads the “preliminary” negotiations on the Oblf object with two companies. The American consortium, which includes a construction company Bechtel Group, proposed to establish a huge reactor of the AP1000 type, and the British company Shearwater Group has developed a project of a small modular reactor for combining it with a wind power station. The Japanese company Hitachi in 2020 failed to negotiate with the government on financing, therefore came out of the construction project.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson pledged to build at least one large nuclear reactor by 2025. The government is also discussed with the French ELECTRICITE DE FRANCE Energy Company. Financing of the British Sizewell C NPP.

General Director of the Nuclear Industry Association Tom Greitarex argues that due to active NPPs, it will not only be reduced to a minimum of greenhouse gas emissions, but also to significantly increase the power security, and not depend on gas prices. From spring, the cost of fuel rose four times, and on September 15, October gas futures approached the critical mark in a thousand dollars and traded at the London ICE exchange for $ 964 per thousand cubic meters.

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