Megan Oars returned to image of Hollywood Star

Prince Harry Megan’s wife Markle returned to the image of the Hollywood Star. The corresponding material publishes the issue of Daily Mail.

Paparazzi captured the Duchess Sassekaya on the streets of New York, where she headed for a three-day journey with her husband to honor the memory of victims of the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001. It is known that the couple first published after the birth of their daughter Lilibet.

Planted in black turtleneck, pants, long coats and heel shoes. Its image, it adds a make-up in the style of Smoky Eyes (eye makeup technique with a smooth transition of a tone from light to dark – approx. “”) and lip gloss. The celebrity also inflicted a bright highlight on his face, led their eyebrows with a pencil and collected her hair into a bundle.

Mauraki Laura Kay (Laura Kay) analyzed the image of the duchess and stated that she specifically appeared in public with bright make-up to show the public his confidence. “It seems to me that she returned to her makeup for the Red Walkway, which we are not used to seeing since she married Prince Harry,” she stressed.

Star hairdresser Tom Smith (Tom Smith), in turn, drew attention to the modest hairstyle of Oplan. “Megan made a low beam to switch attention to the event. Such a hairstyle looks as if her owner was not very worried about the appearance of the hair,” the specialist concluded.

Earlier, the stylist saw the hidden meaning in the clothes of Prince Harry and Megan Plant on the Time Cover. According to Rochelle White (Rochelle White), black and white colors, chosen by spouses, mean restraint and at all times remain in fashion. Specialist also added that he sees in Harry’s outfits and march symbol of their growth and development over the past few years.

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