Rogozin accused Spacex in extrusion of “Roskosmos” from market

The American company Spacex headed by the Ilona Mask, squeezes enterprises of Roskosmos from the International Space Services Market, reports RIA Novosti State Corporation State Corporation State Corporation Dmitry Rogozin.

The head of the state corporation accused the American company in Dumping and doubted the possibility of cooperation between Spacex and Roscosmos. “It is hardly possible to some kind of cooperation with Spacex from our organizations, because they are our direct competitors,” said the manager.

Rogozin noticed that the Russian “private traders are much more difficult to find funding, [what is American].”

In September, the manager stated that the Russian superheavy rocket would be created on new technologies, not old. In the same month, he compared the Russian Soyuz-2 missile with a “African woman.”

In September, Rogozin in an interview with CNN stated that the divorce of Russia and the United States to the ISS is impossible. The manager stressed that Moscow intends to maintain partnerships with Washington. “We are friends,” said the head of the state corporation.

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