A way to resist inflation

Investors will be able to successfully resist the growing inflation, at least ten percent of the assets of which are gold. About this Bloomberg told the famous trader and founder of the management company Mobius Capital Partners Mark Mobius.

“At this stage, ten percent should be investigated in physical gold. The global valve devaluation next year will be very significant, given the incredible number of” printed “money supply,” said Mark Mobius. He added that it would be correct to have gold assets to which there will always be access and which will not be able to confiscate the government.

The mass vaccination and restoration of the economy led to a decrease in prices for precious metals, which at the beginning of the pandemic reached record values ​​- then people most sought to safe assets to which gold bars belong. In 2020, Spot quotes rose to 2.08 thousand dollars per ounce, and now gold is traded about 1.8 thousand dollars per ounce.

Since the beginning of the 2021, gold has become cheaper by four percent, while world reserves are held at a record level, and the US Federal Reserve is developing a strategy for reducing financial incentives. Investors began to attract other assets – for example, US governmentobalization, which sells Fed at a lower price. Provided that the interest rate will not change, they will become much-profitable gold, which is now more profitable to refuse. According to Bloomberg, over the past 12 months, the holders of gold assets around the world have become 8.5 percent less.

In Germany, on the contrary, the population has become more likely to invest in precious metals due to growing inflation. Residents of the country in the first half of 2021, 35 percent were more active than gold bars and coins – most since 2009.

/Media reports.