Bill Gates expressed peace readiness condition for a new epidemic

Billionaire-philanthropist, the co-founder Microsoft Bill Gates believes that the condition of the world’s readiness to the coming epidemic is the ability to develop a vaccine in the shortest possible time. He expressed his opinion in an interview with The Wall Street Journal.

In his opinion, the next pandemic will be ten times worse than the current one, while humanity does not make sufficient efforts to prepare for it. In particular, you need to learn to make a new vaccine in the first 100 days and for the same time to deploy the power for its sufficient production, and this task is executed.

On the eve of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation issued a report by implancing vaccine inequality from a moral point of view: in developed countries from coronavirus gravito to 80 percent of the population, in some poor – only about one percent. Moreover, Africa received 48 million doses of vaccine, California – 42 million, although the population of this state is 30 times less than in the black continent. Also, the report indicates that the attitude to the epidemic shows that people will not be able to establish world mechanisms to combat infectious disease and overcome the sake of this inequality.

Earlier it was reported that the Gates Foundation has invested more than 70 million dollars in the creation of new antiviral tablets for the treatment of coronavirus and prevent pandemics in the future.

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