In United States presented design of first super hotuyat on solar battery

Norwegian designer from the USA presented the first super hotuy plan on the solar battery. It is reported by Daily Mail.

We are talking about a 160 meters long vessel, the design of which is inspired by Viking ships. According to Kurt Stand (Kurt Stand), the yacht is equipped with patented Falcon masts made of carbon fiber. Sails Norway with an area of ​​19.6 thousand square meters are capable of opening and folded in six minutes with one touch of a button. According to the material, the designer gave them a square form to simulate the type of traditional Viking vessels.

In addition, the yacht is covered with solar panels to generate energy and produce hydrogen directly on the ship. This will allow it to work on hydrogen fuel cells into cloudy and windless days. On board Norway there are 12 double cabins, gym, spa, cinema, two-storey bar and trauma.

the booth stressed that about 40 crew members will work on the ship. According to him, thanks to the system of independent control of sails, significantly less staff is required than on a regular yacht.

In July, it became known about the construction of a hotel-yacht with residences for hundreds of millions of rubles. The vessel M / Y Njord was named after the god of the seas and the winds of Nitard from Scandinavian mythology. The length of the yacht will be 289 meters. On board it is planned to build 117 two- and three-room residencies ranging from 137 to 848 square meters. The price of staying at the hotel starts from eight million dollars (583.8 million rubles) and depends on the room area. According to the company’s forecasts, the construction of an advanced “green” ship will end by 2025.

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