Location of deputy head of Government of Afghanistan revealed

First Deputy Prime Minister of Afghanistan Abdul-Ghanie Baradar left for Kandahar after a quarrel due to the composition of the government. It is reported by BBC PASHTO with reference to the source in motion.

On social networks, there are rumors about a shootout between the two taliban groupings for a few days. It is believed that in the Presidential Palace there was an armed conflict between Baradar and Khalil Ar-Rachman Khakkani, minister for migration.

According to the Agency Sputnik Afghanistan, Baradar did not want members of the Government of Afghanistan, only movement militants. He wanted to provide places to power with all ethnic groups, but could not do this due to Pakistan’s pressure. It is argued that the Chief of the Interdepartmental Intelligence of Pakistan, Lieutenant-General Fairy Hamid, who arrived in Kabul, influenced the approval of the composition of the new government.

Previously, Afghan users reported the possible murder of Baradar. Information appeared on social networks after he did not appear with the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Qatar. Mullah was killed during the clashes between his supporters and the extremist “Network of Hakkani” (prohibited in Russia).

/Media reports.