Separatists in Catalonia accused of ties with terrorists

The judge of the National Judicial College of Spain accused 13 radical supported supporters of the independence of Catalonia in membership in a terrorist organization. This is reported by TASS with reference to the legal department.

It is noted that the group of separatists who supported the Catalan “Committees in the Protection of the Republic” were detained back in 2019. Nine of them were also suspected of illegal storage and manufacture of explosives.

September 2 reported that the Civil Guard of Spain investigates the intended cooperation of the environment of the leader of the separatist Calonia Calonia Puchdemon with Russian special services. Thus, the policy and historian Josepa Lewis Alaty suspected due to the businessman living in Catalonia Alexander Dmitrenko, whom the Spanish Ministry of Justice recognized the Russian spy and deprived of Spanish citizenship.

Referendum on Independence of Catalonia passed on October 1, 2017. Then more than 90 percent of those who voted spoke in favor of the exit of the region from Spain. Madrid did not recognize the outcome of the voting, the leaders of the separatists were recognized as guilty of the mute and sentenced to long prison terms. They were partially pardoned in the summer of 2021: replaced real terms for conditional.

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