On streets of France will be more police officers

President of France Emmanuel Macron wanted to increase the presence of police officers on the streets of cities over the next ten years. It is reported by RMC.

The French leader stressed that the presence of police officers in public places hold back offenders and contributes to a decrease in the overall level of crime. He stated that such changes require the revision of the regulations on the work of gendarmes.

Macron urged to reduce the amount of administrative work for the police. According to the publication, he also made at that at least one participant of the street patrol was a video phixation chamber. The politician ordered to create a special training center for patrol officers of law enforcement agencies, which will soon be more on French streets.

September 12 reported that 96 people detained in Paris on demonstrations against sanitary passes. About 121 thousand people across the country took part in protest actions, 19 thousand in Paris. In the course of rallies, three police officers were injured.

/Media reports.