Hairdresser opened danger of paints for hair from supermarket

Hairdresser from the United States revealed the danger of cheap paints for hair from the supermarket and showed the consequences of their use at home. On published in Tiktok, the video drew attention to Mirror.

on the stylist Matthew placed on the network (Matthew) demonstrated the hair of his client. According to him, the woman independently painted the curls in black and came to change the shade on the brightest. The master inflicted the clarifier for one strand to look at the hair reaction to the substance. A few minutes later, the painted curls fused, and then completely fell out.

“Paints that are sold in ordinary stores contain a large amount of ammonia, which makes the hair irreparable damage. In addition, they include salts of metals and dyes that do not allow hair to be painted evenly in the future. In addition, all these chemical Substances can irritate the scalp and cause unforeseen reactions of the body, “he explained.

Earlier in September, the beauty salon client showed the result of unsuccessful hair staining and became famous on the network. A resident of New York Amy Caroline (Amy Caroline) told about how the master spoiled her hair. According to the girl, she never painted before and tried to minimize the use of hot tools to maintain the quality of their dark hair. Later she wanted to make small changes in their appearance.

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