In United States stated most unpredictable Russian submarine

Submarine K-561 “Kazan” of the project 885m “ash”, which the Navy (Navy) received Russia in May, is a culmination of more than ten-year-old efforts to create a new and fully modern atomic submarine with covered missiles, writes Business Insider.

The publication calls this submarine “noticeable improvement in almost all respects compared to its predecessor, which is worried about the United States and their allies on NATO.” Business Insider writes that the K-561 “Kazan” of the 885m “ash” project has become the further development of the submarine K-560 “Severodvinsk” of the project 885 (08850) “ash”, which in June 2014 received the Navy of Russia.

The publication writes that at first glance, the “yearance” may seem less dangerous than “Borey”, other Russian nuclear submarines, because they receive tactical winged rockets, and not strategic ballistic, but this is not the case, since the second, in contrast From the first, less predictable for the enemy.

According to Business Insider, K-561 “Kazan” is distinguished from the K-560 “Severodvinsk”, in particular, new management systems, advanced sensors, updated motor installation and less noise. It is expected that the K-561 “Kazan” will receive hypersonic missiles “Zirkon”, allowing the Russian submarine to hit targets within the United States.

In April TASS, referring to a source in the defense and industrial complex, said that the project’s submarines 885m “Clene-M” are able to shoot “Calibr” missiles and “onyx” by a volley. According to the interlocutor, the first such launch occurred in November 2020 with K-561 “Kazan”.

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