Another part of OneWeb satellites arrived on Eastern

On Thursday, June 10, 2021, to Ignatievo Airport (Blagoveshchensk) by the An-124-100 aircraft delivered a new party from 36 ONEWEB spacecraft. Specialists of the Space Center “Eastern” (branch of the Cenni – Center for the exploitation of objects of ground-based space infrastructure, is included in the state corporation “Roskosmos”) delivered them to a cosmodrome, where the joint technical calculation began prepared for the upcoming launch using the Soyuz-2.1B launch vehicle With an overclocking unit “Frigate”.

These works are carried out in the framework of the contracts of the company “Glavkosmos” (a subsidiary of the Roskosmos State Corporation) with the European Supplier of the Arianespace Start Services (Operator of the OneWeb Space Actors using the Soyuz-2 / 2D missile) and Starsem. Representatives of the Progress Rocket and Space Center, Scientific and Production Association named after S.A. Lavochka, Cennie and Headquares (all – Roskosmos enterprises) work side by side with foreign customers.

To date, the OneWeb satellite group at a low near-earth orbit has 218 spacecraft, it is planned to launch hundreds of others. The upcoming launch must bring the number of ONEWEB satellites in orbit up to 254. OneWeb low-bit devices are designed to provide land consumers with high-speed Internet.

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