China: released a budget robot-ps

Chinese company Unportree Robotics has released a budget version of the Quarter of the UNITREE GO1 robot. About it reports The Verge.

It is noted that the Chinese robot dog is 27 times cheaper than analogue developed by Boston Dynamics. The cost of the basic version of UNITREE GO1 will be $ 2,700, while the price of the American model is $ 74,500. For this money, the Chinese robot can follow the owner during jogging and even bring a bottle of water or wallet.

Total three versions of GO1 will be presented, each weighing about 12 kilograms. The most expensive model is 8,500 dollars – can develop speed up to 17 kilometers per hour. The company claims that Robees can become a “companion for the whole day.” However, according to publication, the maximum duration of the gadget without recharging is approximately 90 minutes.

Earlier, “Russian Post” expressed a desire to test the Stretch-loader robot, which Boston Dynamics released. The device is designed to move goods in warehouses. The robot is equipped with a “mast perception” with cameras and sensors, as well as roboruka with suckers for the transfer of goods.

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