Live News Timeline | Page 753

United States declared desire to relieve tensions in relations with Russia
In Czech Republic refuted information about prohibited weapons in warehouses in Vrbetice
Residents of Russian Region could not connect gas due to rotten pipes
European Union sued manufacturer of Vaccine Astrazeneca
Apple Investments in US economy will exceed annual budget of Russia
Senators of Czech Republic suspected president in treason
Girls found a way to visually reduce cheeks with a tan
Employers on May holidays announced
In star town, they held a campaign to 60th anniversary of flight Yuri Gagarin
Silovikov accused of mass executions for control over drug trafficking
Kids Princess Diana agreed to show her wedding dress for first time in 25 years
In European Parliament wanted to disable Russia from SWIFT
Europe: business was brought against Russian oligarch
Russia with help of food put a record for supply to China
Blocking Suez Canal “undermined” manufacture of clothes in Russia
Envelopes with bullets and knives sent Spanish officials
Prediction on Rosneft shares increased to $ 9.8 per GDR
Minsk: noticed special equipment and security workers
A bank with best customer experience
In State Duma, pension reform threatened stability
Awarding finalists of All-Russian competition of OPK organizations with high socio-economic efficiency
Russia: demanded a salary to employees who were refused
Climate change shifted earth’s axis
Leaders of Poland, Slovakia and Hungary condemned Russia
Lindt chocolate producer was not guilty of deception of Russians
Chancellor Austria opposed new sanctions against Russia
Sony recognized PlayStation problems
Popular actress appeared on Oscar award in decoration for millions of dollars
Italy responded to expulsion of Embassy employee in Moscow
In Iran, they told about “coarse and non-diplomatic language” in conversations with Lavrov
Price of US victory in war with China
Unknown committed six attacks on synagogues in two days
Russia will send an Italian diplomat
In Czech Republic condemned president for loyalty to Russia
Romania stated Russian diplomat with non-grants person
In US, they called for non-share technologies with Russia and China
Russia presented United States a note about diplomats
Mask warned about mission of suicide bumps on Mars
China supported Russia due to US sanctions
Profile Aerospace School in ZATO “Tsiolkovsky”
Poland to urgently convene summit because of Russia
In sun found unknown rain variety
In Czech Republic, they talked about president you pleased with Moscow
Bitcoina price jumped
On Trump will turn collectors
Main transaction on oil was declared eternal
Military radiologist from Belarus explained elimination of accident on Chernobyl
CKS Russia experienced a new missile system about