Live News Timeline | Page 753

SBU disclosed foreign citizenship to almost 300 officials in a year
Lifebuoys found at crash site of a fishing vessel in Barents Sea
Most impoverished Russian billionaire in a year
Ukrainian Foreign Minister assessed influence of West on Belarusian protests
Existence of a large-scale anomaly in Universe is proposed
Women’s rights activist jailed in Saudi Arabia
Russian schoolchildren will celebrate “New Year of Great Changes”
Old woman who married a young Arab puts an end to family feuds
Representatives of 27 EU countries approve provisional application of post-Brexit deal
Soloviev went on air in a rare sweatshirt of a luxury brand for 125 thousand
WHO advises COVID-19 survivors to continue wearing masks
Government predicted timing of improvement of situation with coronavirus
Mutated coronavirus found near Russian border
UK to ban junk food
All Russian regions declared December 31 as a day off
Roscosmos took part in literary drawing room
Russian governor fulfilled wish of a child with a genetic disease
Loujain al-Hathloul, Saudi human rights activist, sentenced to five years and eight months in prison
Mechanism of irreversible aging is revealed
Israeli man dies of heart attack a couple of hours after vaccination
Former Moldovan Ambassador to Russia was detained in case of smuggling of anabolic steroids
Artist deliberately ruined sneakers for a million and caused anger on network
Hundreds of British tourists escaped from quarantine in Switzerland
Ulyanovsk governor infected with coronavirus hospitalized
Man spent three thousand and became a billionaire
Russians began to take out record large loans to buy a car
Turkey advised Field Marshal Haftar to come to his senses
Role of General Soleimani in Putin’s decision to start an operation in Syria revealed
Survivors talk about moment of shipwreck in Barents Sea
Ministry of Emergency Situations named most probable cause of Onega flooding
Kazakhstan to buy American Covid-19 vaccine
Emergencies Ministry has not confirmed discovery of first fisherman killed in Barents Sea
Pedophiles become more active on Internet during coronavirus pandemic
Date of appearance of PlayStation 5 on free sale
Russia is thinking about transferring pensions into digital
Russian conscript died during his first parachute jump
Ministry of Emergency Situations told about four-meter waves in area of sinking of Russian ship
22-year-old son of richest Russian woman in world took over a football club
Doctors have named conditions of vaccination for Russians over 60 years old
Head of Constitutional Court of Ukraine was suspected of bribing a witness
Peskov answered a question about Putin’s family
Disorder in majority after a lunch between an adviser of Macron and Marion Maréchal
Mishustin gave instructions in connection with sinking of a ship in Barents Sea
Kremlin explained Putin’s vaccination and confidence in Sputnik V
Nabiullina spoke to telephone scammers
Iran has transferred weapons and military to Iraq amid conflict with United States
A way to deceive Russians before New Year
Lukashenko announced date of All-Belarusian People’s Assembly