Russia has reduced gas transit through Ukraine

Russia has reduced the volume of gas transit through the territory of Ukraine. This was announced in Facebook the head of the company “Operator GTS of Ukraine” Serhiy Makogon.

According to the Ukrainian transit operator, about 180 million cubic meters of gas per day passed through the country until the new year, with the onset of January this volume dropped to 130 million cubic meters.

Makogon stressed that the Ukrainian side is ready to provide for a larger volume of transit, if a request is received “Gazprom “.

On January 2, “Ukrainian GTS Operator” reported that transit Russian gas through Ukraine collapsed by 38 percent and amounted to only 55.8 billion cubic meters. The reason for the drop in pumped volumes was the launch of new gas pipelines bypassing Ukraine and a general decline in demand in Europe.

Nevertheless, Gazprom paid as for pumping 65 billion cubic meters, since these were the terms of the contract. According to Naftogaz, this is about $ 2 billion. The contract for the transit of Russian gas to Europe through Ukraine was signed a year ago. In 2021-2024, it provides for the pumping of 40 billion cubic meters.