Couple married for 47 years died on same day from COVID-19

A husband and wife from the US city of Jackson, Michigan, have been married for 47 years, fell ill with COVID-19 and died on the same day. The website of the Fox 15 TV channel reports.

On November 24, 75-year-old Leslie and 78-year-old Patricia McWaters died in hospital as a result of coronavirus infection. Their deaths were recorded at the same time.

“It’s beautiful, but so tragic. Almost like Romeo and Juliet. They didn’t want to live without each other,” said their daughter Joanna Sisk.

Leslie was a truck driver and a veteran of the US Navy reserve, and Patricia was a nurse. She worked for 35 years in the operating room at Jackson Hospital. Patricia was the head of the family, she had a business streak, while Leslie was funny and loved to make friends and family laugh.

They loved to go dancing together at the bar where they first met, drive their 1959 Corvette to car shows, and play cards and other games on family evenings. The couple left two daughters, three grandchildren and six great-grandchildren.

“Losing one parent is hard, but it was even worse. Our whole family is heartbroken,” Sisk said.

Earlier it was reported that in the Italian city of Sesto San Giovanni, In a 63-year-old marriage, the couple died on the same day from a new coronavirus infection. When the couple was taken to the hospital and forced to be separated, the wife asked to bring her husband’s jacket to her room so that she could feel his presence.