Mesa 22.3 release, free implementation Opengl and Vulkan

published the release of free implementation of the API Opengl and Vulkan-mesa 22.3.0 . The first production of the MESA 22.3.0 branch has experimental status – after the final stabilization of the code, a stable version 22.3.1.

in Mesa 22.3 Support for the graphic API VULKAN 1.3 in ANV drivers for GPU Intel, RADV for GPU AMD, TU for GPU AMD, Tu for GPU Qualcomm and emulator mode (VN). Vulkan 1.1 support is implemented in the Lavapipe (LVP) programmage, and Vulkan 1.0 in the V3DV driver (GPU Broadcom Videocore VI from Raspberry Pi 4).

In Mesa also ensures full support for OpenGL 4.6 for drivers 965, IRIS (Intel), Radeonsi (AMD), Zink and Llvmpipe. Opengl 4.5 support is available for GPU AMD (R600), NVIDIA (NVC0) and Qualcomm Adreno (Freedreno), Opengl 4.3 for VIRGL (virtual GPU Virgil3D for QMU/KVM), and OpenGL 4.2 for D3D12 driver (rimmer for organizing operating operating rooms. 12).

main innovations :

  • In the Freedreno driver for the GPU Qualcomm Adreno, support for the graphic API Opengl 4.5 is provided, and in the emulator driver (VN), support for the API VULKAN 1.3.
  • The Panfrost driver has the possibility of caching shaaders on the disk and support for GPU Mali T620 is added. The driver is compatible with the OpenGL 3.1 and OpenGL ES 3.1 specification.
  • In the RADV (AMD) Vulkan drive, support is added GPU GFX11/RDNA3 (Radeon RX 7000 series). Optimization of the code for tracing rays was performed. Support for pixel formats R8G8B8, B8G8R8 and R16G16B16, as well as 64-bit boofer formats, has been added. Added support of the flag ExtndedDynamicState2PatchControlPoints, which determines support for expansion vk_extnded_dynamic_state2. Integrated Radeon Raytracing Analyzer.
  • includes the driver rusticl with the implementation of the specification of the OpenCl 3.0, which determines the API and the expansion of the language for the organization of cross-platform calculations. The driver is written in Rust, developed using the Gallium interface provided by the MESA and acts as an analogue of Clover present at the Mesa OpenCl Frontand. Clover has long been abandoned and Rusticl is positioned as its future replacement. The support of Rust and Rusticl by default is disabled and requires the assembly with a clear indication of the options “-D Gallium -Rusticl = True -DLLVM = Enabled -Drust_STD = 2021”. When assembling as additional dependencies, the Rustc compiler, binding binding generator, LLVM, Spirv-Tools tools and spirv-volvm-Translator transformer.
  • In the Radeonsi driver, support for multi -flow drawing through Opengl.
  • represented Mesa-DB, a new type of cache of shadeers, saving data in one file.
  • Added support for Opengl extensions:
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