ORACLE Linux 9.1 distribution release release

Oracle racle Linux 9.1 , created on the basis of the Red Hat Enterprise Linux 9.1 package base and completely binary compatible with it. To download without restrictions werealsopreparedforloading.

InadditiontothepacketwiththenucleusfromtheRHEL(basedonthe5.14nucleus),OracleLinuxoffersitsownUnbreakableEnterpriseKernel7core,basedontheLinux5.15coreandoptimizedforworkingwithindustrialsoftwareandOracleequipment.Theinitialtextsofthenuclei,includingthebreakdownintoseparatepatches,areavailableinthepublic git-reacle

oracle. The UNBREAKABLE ENTERPRISE KERNEL is installed by default, positioned as an alternative to the RHEL core of the core and provides a number of advanced capabilities such as DTRACE integration and improved BTRFS support. In addition to an additional core in

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