Jean Spirit and Anastasia Colosimo, two new advisers for Elysée

The Secretary General of Editis and the political scientist were chosen to complete the Elyséan communication team from January 2023.

by Claire Gatinois and Ivanne Trippenbach

Two strategic positions will be filled at the Elysée: those of Director of Cabinet of Brigitte Macron and communication advisor for the international. Frédéric Michel, Emmanuel Macron strategy advisor, in charge of these recruitments for three months, has chosen two profiles from the private sector. It is first of all his friend Jean Spirit, the secretary general of Editis, publishing group of the Vivendi subsidiary, owned by Vincent Bolloré, who will take the post hitherto occupied by Pierre-Olivier Costa, special advisor From the Head of State and Director of Cabinet of Brigitte Macron, who left in early November to direct the MUCEM, in Marseille. Information published Thursday, November 24 on the website of the Journal du Dimanche and confirmed by MO12345lemonde.

Jean Spirit was not born from the last rain in politics: he led his journey to the right since the early 2000s. This very close to Xavier Bertrand had advised the former presidential candidate under the Raffarin governments And Villepin, and co -founded with him the La Manufacture movement. Elected Municipal Les Républicains (LR), then various right, in Courbevoie (Hauts-de-Seine), Jean Spirit was also a regional councilor of Ile-de-France de Valérie Pécresse, where he crossed Thierry Solère, political advisor of Emmanuel Macron. “There are developments, meetings, which lead to serving his country,” explains Jean Spirit in the world to justify this turnaround. All that remains is the contract to sign.

The former LR advisor, also activist of the LGBT cause, met Brigitte Macron when she visited, in October, the Nathan Editions teams who participate in the Institute of Employment Vocations, an initiative For the employment which it chairs in partnership with the LVMH group. Contact with Frédéric Michel, who has known him for years, was also decisive, he who rubs shoulders with the president of Vivendi Arnaud de Puyfontaine, one of the strong men of Vincent Bolloré. “I wish him the best”, slips us Yannick Bolloré, the boss of Vivendi, who knew Jean Spirit when he advised Michel Boyon, president of the CSA, in 2007.

politically incorrect “muzzle”

Anastasia Colosimo, 32, also had to take office in early 2023 to replace Anne-Sophie Bradelle, as a communication and strategy advisor for the international. The political scientist, a former teacher in political theology at Sciences Po Paris, made herself known to the general public in December 2021 following a slippage. Invited on the set of David Pujadas, on LCI, in the middle of COVID-19 pandemic, the political expert had dropped that not to repress non -vacinated in the hospital “would be a good means of natural selection”. “It was a joke, of course,” she caught up with herself a few seconds later. At the Elysée, there is a bad joke without consequence.

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