France will have to pay several hundred million euros for not having achieved its objectives

The Minister of Energy Transition, Agnès Pannier-Runacher, spoke of the figure of 500 million euros during a debate on the bill of acceleration of renewables.

by Perrine Mouterde

The bill is severe. In order not to have achieved its European objectives in terms of renewable energies in 2020, that it had set itself ten years ago, Paris will have to pay several hundred million euros. “France costs him 500 million euros this year for not having developed renewable energies,” said the Minister of Energy Transition to deputies on Monday, November 21, as reported by daily Liberation . Agnès Pannier-Runacher was heard by the Economic Affairs and Sustainable Development Commissions within the framework of the examination of the so-called “Acceleration of renewable energies”

France is the only country, among the twenty-seven members of the European Union (EU), to have missed its target two years ago: renewable energies represented only 19.1 % of its final consumption Brute energy, well below the 23 % planned. This objective being binding, France must now buy from “good students” countries, which have exceeded their target, “statistical volumes” of renewables through a European mechanism. “We are in negotiations to buy statistical megawatts in Italy and Sweden,” said Agnès Pannier-Runacher. Tuesday, his entourage said that if the final amount would be good “of the order of a few hundred million euros”, he was not arrested, the discussions with other member states being still in progress.

a “very damaging delay”

If the declaration had then gone unnoticed, Agnès Pannier-Runacher had already mentioned a sum of 500 million euros at the end of September, during a conference of the Syndicate of Renewable Energies (Ser). “If we had achieved our objectives in 2020, we would today have an additional volume of renewables of 64 TWh [Terawatt-hour], which corresponds to 20 % of industrial consumption, recalls today its general delegate, Alexandre Roesch . This delay is very harmful to the finances of the State but also for the security of supply as winter approaches. “

While the risk of tension on the electricity network will be high in January, France is still not on the right track to achieve its objectives of deployment of renewables set by its energy roadmap, the multi -year programming of the energy (PPE). Regarding terrestrial wind turbines, between 1.2 and 1.3 Gigawatt (GW) new capacities will have been installed in 2022, against a target of 1.9 GW. “Since 2020, the targets have never been reached and the cumulative delay over the past three years is around 2 GW,” explains Michel Gioria, general delegate of France wind power (FEE). The current PPE provides 24 GW of capacity installed in 2023 while France has around 20.3 GW today.

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