Medef prepares succession of Geoffroy Roux de Bézieux

Speculations are going well on personalities likely to take part in the election. Among the names cited, there are those of Patrick Martin, deputy president of the movement, and Pierre Gattaz, former issue of the employers’ organization, which the latter denies.

by Bertrand Bissuel

The Medef discreetly prepares the succession. While its president, Geoffroy Roux de Bézieux, had to pass the hand in early July 2023, the organization of employers began to mark out the progress of the succession. His bodies have recently debated a “candidates’ charter” who dictates the rules to observe during “the electoral campaign”. This first step contributes, very logically, to nourish speculations on the name of the personalities likely to covet the chair of “patron of the bosses”.

The “charter” in question was examined, on November 14, at a meeting of the Executive Council – one of the main management bodies of the movement. The text pursues several objectives: “Ensuring equity” between the pretender, “preserving an ethics” during competition, “guaranteeing the probity and integrity of both candidates and behaviors throughout the process”. Participants in the race must, for example, refrain “to solicit the MEDEF permanent teams”, but they can, on the other hand, freely use the “means” which would be made available to them by the professional federation or the structure of which they are members.

of “principles of independence” and “transparency” are also enacted in terms of funding: those on the starting line cannot receive subsidies from “a state or [of] A foreign organization “. It is also planned to reimburse the “campaign costs, up to a limit of 20,000 euros”, and under certain conditions (having collected at least 5 % of the votes cast, on election day, etc.).

reserve period

The charter must still be the subject of altarfae retouching before being endorsed, in its final version, by the Executive Council, which will meet on December 12. It is accompanied by an annex, which recalls that the duration of the campaign cannot “exceed four months” and that the declarations of applications must intervene in this period of time – but not before. In other words, those who want to replace Mr. Roux de Bézieux are required to remain silent on their intentions until the beginning of March, the election taking place in the first week of July. If they come out of silence too early, they are disqualified, which forbids them to announce the color – in particular to the press – during this reserve period.

Such an obligation aims to avoid an interminable sequence of competition, conducive to clashes, which would be unwelcome in a context where the French economy is faced with the risk of a recession and must meet all the challenges related to warming climate. However, figures of the Medef have not made mystery, with their peers, of the desire to occupy the post of supreme chief. Internally, everyone considers as acquired that Patrick Martin, the deputy president of the movement, will arise. He had already applied in 2018, before placing himself behind the plume of Mr. Roux de Bézieux.

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