Dancer François Alu prefers “to leave place of star to someone who will occupy full -time position”

At 28 years old, the juror of “Dance with the stars” leaves the Paris National Opera in order to be available for new projects.

by Rosita Boisseau

Definitely! With the leaping, twirling, elusive François Alu, something happens. Barely seven months after his appointment as a star of the Paris National Opera, on April 23, the dancer left the institution. While he had gnawed at the supreme title, here he is goodbye at home. “I just want to fully resume my artist’s life and to be able to devote myself to new projects, he declares, joined on the phone. In addition, being available for my only completely thrown, currently On tour, develop my desires for cinema and writing a new show, be sworn in the TF1 program “Dance with the stars”, while participating from time to time in ballets at the Opera, did not rhyme To nothing. “

The tone is light, the joke always ready to fuse: “I may be greedy, it was too much.” It is therefore “the big leap”, as he chose to title his exit from the stage From the opera in the press release announcing its departure on Wednesday, November 23. Star officially, he still had not signed his contract and still discussed with Alexander Neef, director general, of the terms and conditions of his new position. “Alexander Neef was very benevolent, very attentive, he says. The opera has changed a lot. But I have been there for twelve years. We no longer live at the time when people remained all their life in the same company. “

Obviously, the exchanges have not succeeded. “We tried to find an agreement. But our expectations and those of François Alu were a little too far away,” said Alexandre Neef from Cayenne (Guyana), where he is currently participating in the launch of the cultural cooperation operation “The opera in Guyana”. “It is an amicable departure,” he said. “Despite the good will of all, we did not agree on the projects, the presence of François Alu in the house in view of his desires. It’s a shame. But as José Martinez, Director Director says, be a star, is putting the opera first. And we are not going to redo the past. “

The moment is Delicate

This past, precisely, seems to weigh in the scale. Everything goes very quickly for aluminum. Ultra-tapentantly, launched like a bomb, climbing in the hierarchy at full speed, it is promoted first dancer on November 6, 2013. He only won the ultimate title only a little more than eight years later, which makes it a case in the context of the institution. It is supported by a fan club that this injustice revolt more and more over time, and makes it known. On April 20, spectators hoping for his appointment at the end of the representation of the Bayadère, the Bastille Opera, and not seeing her come up, shouting, for the one who was then the director of the dance: “ALU Étoile, Aurélie Dupont resignation!” It is three days later, considering her stellar status “as a coronation of [his] artist’s freedom”. “Curiously, this star finally arrived when I had detached it,” he says today.

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