Town hall of Paris announces file complaint against Gabriel Attal

Anne Hidalgo denounces “lies” on the part of the Minister of Public Accounts who criticized the budget management of the capital.


The town hall of Paris announced, Wednesday, November 23, its intention to file a complaint for defamation against the Minister of Public Accounts. In an interview on France Inter , Gabriel Attal criticized, Wednesday morning, the budgetary management of the capital by the mayor of Paris, Anne Hidalgo. An organization which, according to him, is the “Ponzi” system.

specifying having “put an end to this system because it is not healthy”, the minister explained:

“You are in debt in the city [by pre -empty housing] and you recover the rents of decades to come [to social landlords] to balance a budget today.”

.Gabrielattal denounces an organization which is the “Ponzi” system in Paris. “You are debut the city on years…

– Franceinter (@france inter)

In a Communicated Twitter by Anne Hidalgo, the mayor of Paris denounced “lies that affect her honor and her credibility”. The City of Paris specifies that it “did not ask for an exemption from the rents capitalized for its 2023 budget” and that it is the city itself which “wished to put an end” to this device in 2022.

“The City of Paris also asks the Prime Minister to put an end to the dissemination of these fake news stated with full knowledge of the facts so that public debate regains its serenity and credibility.”

Faced with so many lies that affect his honor and credibility, Paris files a complaint for defamati…

– anne_hidalgo (@anne hidalgo)

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