Internet Troll unleashes Botnet Dark Frost on Gamers

Akamai experts discovered the new botnet, which conducts it, which conducts DDOS attacks against ordinary users and entire companies in the gaming industry. According to the security researcher Allen Vesta, the Botnet “Dark Frost” (the original name “DarknessBotnet”) was created on the basis of various malware, such as GAFGYT, QBOT, MIRAI, and unites hundreds of infected devices with different architectures.

The goals of attacks are game companies, hosting providers of gaming servers, online streamers and even simple participants in the game community, with whom the attacker came into contact. According to Akamai, Botnet is active since the middle of last year, and its potential is about 629.28 Gbit/s.

It is noteworthy that behind the creation and activity of Botnet there is only one person whose nickname decided not to disclose, so as not to contribute to its popularity. A novice cybercentor loves laughter for the sake of periodically “drop” the server of one or another online game, launching a live broadcast for its fans, or “packing” in a different way. All attacks are also documented by screenshots that the author publishes in his Discord channel.

“The attacker boasts of his achievements on social networks and uses Botnet even to resolve small online disputes,” said West.

Screenshot in the Discord channel of cyberbanditis

In addition, on the same Discord channel, the attacker offers his DDOS services to anyone who can finance them. Apparently, the Internet hooligan plans to develop a full-fledged cybercrime business on the DDOS-Naima.

Botnet Dark Frost is an example of how easily novice cybercriminals with a low level of skills to use already affordable harmful software for serious damage to both ordinary people and infrastructures.

“Although this is not the most advanced or stunning attacker, Botnet Dark Frost was still able to accumulate hundreds of compromised devices to fulfill the orders of the offender. The threat that these single actors can pose on its scale, even despite the lack of novelty in their methods” – the analyst summed up.

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