Scientists Create New Form of Water to Solve Einstein Vampire Riddle

Water can be found in three different conditions: solid, liquid and gaseous. But what if there is another form of water that does not obey the usual laws of physics? Such water was recently created in the laboratory and can help explain one of the strangest mysteries of science – Vampire Einstein.

Einstein’s vampire is a phenomenon in which a drop of water on the cold surface begins to suck heat out of the surrounding air and freeze faster than expected by the theory of heat transfer. This contradicts common sense and violates the second law of thermodynamics, which states that heat cannot move from a cold body to hot without external influence.

This phenomenon was predicted by Albert Einstein in 1924, when he developed quantum statistics for particles called bosons. However, so far no one has been able to observe the experiment in reality or give a convincing explanation of its causes.

But now a group of scientists from the USA and China states that they were able to create a new form of water, which could demonstrate the effect of the vampire of Einstein. They called it “vampire” or “Einstein” water.

For this, they used a special device that allows you to control the pressure and water temperature at the molecular level. They found that under certain conditions, water molecules can form complex structures that resemble snowflakes or stars. These structures have a very low density and high elasticity, so they are easily deformed under the influence of power.

Scientists suggest that this new form of water can suck heat from the surrounding air due to its elasticity. When air molecules collide with water molecules, they transmit part of their energy to them and make them hesitate. These fluctuations lead to the fact that water structures change their shape and free the energy back in the form of heat. Thus, the water constantly absorbs and gives heat, maintaining its temperature below the environment temperature.

This discovery can be of great importance for understanding water physics and its role in nature. Water is the most common and vital substance on Earth, but it still stores many secrets and anomalies. For example, it is not completely clear why the ice floats on the surface of the water or how clouds are formed.

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