Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8.9 Release

Following the release of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 9.3, Red Hat has also released an update for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8.9. Both versions will be supported until 2029. The installation assemblies for these versions are available for download on the Red Hat Customer Portal, but only registered users can access them. CentOS Stream 9 and free assemblies of RHEL for developers are also available for download.

RPM packets for RHEL 8 are no longer distributed publicly through GIT-Ro-Control Centos. Instead, they can be found in the closed section of the site for Red Hat’s customers. The initial texts are also available in the Repository of CentOS Stream, but they may not always coincide with RHEL packages. Other projects like Rocky Linux, Oracle, and Suse are reproducing the initial texts of RPM packets for RHEL releases through the OpenIA project. Almalinux, on the other hand, uses the CentOS Stream repository, which may result in minor discrepancies in behavior but maintains binary compatibility.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8.x releases are prepared every six months until 2024. These releases follow a development cycle that involves functional improvements followed by error corrections and security updates. The focus will shift towards fixing bugs and supporting important hardware systems in the later stages.

Some key features of the Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8.9 release include updated versions of compilers and developer tools, such as GCC Toolset 13, LLVM Toolset 16.0.6, Rust Toolset 1.71.1, Go Toolset 1.20.10, Node.js 20, Valgrind 3.21, Systemtap 4.9, Elfutils 0.189, and Java-21-Openjdk. The release also includes updates to server and system packages like Samba 4.18.4, 389-DS-BASE, Openscap 1.3.8, Grafana 9.2.10, Opencryptoki 3.21.0, IPROUTE 6.2.0, LIBNFTNL 1.2.2, MakeDumpfile 1.7.2, and Podman 4.6. Additionally, support for UEFI mode has been added for download in the AWSEC2 cloud circles.

For more information, refer to the release notes of Red Hat Enterprise

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