Chrome OS 119 Released

Google has announced the release of Chrome OS 119, a new operating system based on the Linux core. Chrome OS 119 incorporates the UPSTART system manager, EBUILD/PORTAGE assembly, open components, and CHROME 119. Unlike traditional operating systems, Chrome OS 119 limits the user environment to a web browser and web applications, but it still includes features like a multi-window interface, desktop, and taskbar. All source texts related to Chrome OS 119 are distributed under the free license Apache 2.0. The assembly of Chrome OS 119 is available for most relevant models of chromebook. However, for use on ordinary computers, the editorial office of Chrome OS Flex is recommended.

Some of the main changes introduced in Chrome OS 119 include:

  • The addition of expanded keyboard combinations with the Alt key, allowing users to simulate actions like Home, End, Page Up, and Page Down. It is now possible to configure these actions in a coffeerator, as well as choose between Alt+Click or Search+Click for simulating a right mouse button click.
  • The inclusion of common-system access settings for the microphone and camera, allowing users to completely turn off these devices for all applications.
  • An opportunity for administrators to determine the groups of applications, windows, and utilities that launch automatically when the user turns on the device or apparently contacts them.
  • The ability for users of Chromebook Plus devices to synchronize files from Google Drive (from the My Drive section) to a local drive for offline work.
  • Identification of several vulnerabilities, including CVE-2023-21216 in the GPU PowerVR driver caused by a USE-After-Free memory issue, CVE-2023-5996 in Chrome related to USE-AFTER-FREE in Webaudio, CVE-2023-35685 in the Imagination GPU, CVE-2023-4244 in the Linux kernel, CVE-2023-5197 in the Linux kernel, USE-After-Free vulnerability in nf_tables, and vulnerabilities in Android Runtime.

Overall, Chrome OS 119 introduces several new features and improvements to enhance the user experience for chromebook users. Users are recommended to update their devices to take advantage of these changes.

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