Linux Mint Debian Edition 6 Released

A New Version of Linux Mint Debian Edition Released

A year and a half after the last issue published the release of the alternative assembly of the Linux Mint distribution – Linux Mint Debian Edition 6, made on the basis of the DEBIAN package base (classic Linux Mint is based on Ubuntu package base). Distribution available as installation ISO images with the desktop-rejection of Cinnamon 5.8.

The new version of Linux Mint Debian Edition (LMDE) has been released, catering to technically competent users by providing newer versions of packages. The development of LMDE aims to ensure Linux Mint’s continued existence even if Ubuntu is discontinued. Additionally, LMDE serves as a platform to test the functionality of Linux Mint applications in systems other than Ubuntu.

The latest release of LMDE incorporates most of the improvements introduced in the Linux Mint 21.2 classic release. These include support for Flatpak packages and the development of original projects such as the application manager, update installation system, configurators, menu, interface, XED textual editor, PIX photo manager, XRADER Viewer, and XViewer image viewer. While LMDE is fully compatible with Debian GNU/Linux 12, it is not compatible at the package level with Ubuntu and Linux Mint classic releases. The system environment of LMDE corresponds to the composition of Debian Gnu/Linux 12, including the Linux 6.1 core, Systemd 252, GCC 12.2, and Mesa 22.3.6.

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