US Army Gets Prototypes of High-Power Laser Weapons

US Army Delivers Laser Weapon Prototypes for Air Defense Battalion

The US Army has announced the delivery of four prototypes of the Directed Energy Maneuver-Short Range Air Defense (De M-SHORAD) laser weapons to the 4th Battalion of the 60th Anti-Aircraft Artillery Regiment (4-60th Adar) stationed at Fort Silhom. The De M-SHORAD is a ground vehicle-mounted laser weapon with a power capacity of 50 kilowatts. It utilizes batteries and thermal opportunities to release invisible rays that neutralize air threats through electronic attacks, eliminating the need for explosions and loud sounds.

The delivery comes after the reactivation of the 4-60th Adar in March and the battalion’s reorganization from the 32nd Command of the Army Anti-Aircraft Missile to the 1st Armored Division last year. Prior to the transfer of the 4-60th Adar, personnel underwent training to familiarize themselves with the De M-SHORAD system. Future operators were trained using a modified vehicle that simulates the prototypes of De M-SHORAD.

“The delivery of the De M-SHORAD prototypes to the 4-60th Adar marks a significant milestone in the army’s modernization campaign,” said Colonel Stephen Gutierres, the RCCTO De M-SHORAD project manager. “These high-energy laser systems will be a true game-changer on the modern battlefield, serving as a key element in an integrated and multi-level air defense system.”

Following the delivery, the 4-60th Adar will undergo additional training to enhance their proficiency in operating the new laser weapon prototypes. These preparatory measures aim to reinforce the utilization of directed energy in supporting the layered and integrated structures of the army’s air defense.

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