Retroarch 1.16 Emulator Released

Published The production of the project RetroArch 1.16 has been announced. RetroArch is a superstructure for emulating various game consoles, allowing users to launch classic games through a unified graphic interface. This emulator supports consoles such as Atari 2600/7800/Jaguar/Lynx, Game Boy, Mega Drive, Nes, Nintendo 64/DS, PCENGINE, PSP, Sega 32X/CD, and Supernes. Users can use gamepads from existing consoles like PlayStation 3, Dualshock 3, 8Bitdo, Xbox 1, Xbox360, as well as general-purpose gamepads like Logitech F710. The emulator offers advanced features such as multiplayer games, game state preservation, improved image quality with shaders, game rewind, and hot connection of game controllers and video gestation.

Among the changes in RetroArch 1.16:

  • In the Android platform assembly, input processing has been improved.
  • The code for sound sampling has been modernized.
  • Support for the sound server Pulseaudio has been enhanced.
  • Improved support for D3D12.
  • Enhanced support for touch screens and various improvements related to input systems.
  • The menu has been updated.
  • Improved support for iOS platforms and MacOS.
  • Enhanced Wayland support.
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