Cairo 1.18.0 Released

After 5 years of development, Cairo presents a new stable release

After 5 years of development, Cairo has presented a new stable release of the vector graphic library cair 1.18.0. The CAIRO code is distributed under licenses LGPL and Mozilla Public License. Among the well-known projects using Cairo, GTK and Firefox can be noted.

About Cairo

Cairo provides a unified software interface for the vector formation of images, similar to drawing operations in PostScript and PDF, but independent of individual withdrawal mechanisms. The formation of 2D graphics can be carried out using various output backends, from the standard output on the screen through X Window System, Quartz and Win32, to the generation of PostScript, PDF, SVG, and involvement of OpenGL, XCB, and DirectFB. In addition to the functions resembling postscript and PDF drawing operators, the library API provides supplemented opportunities such as transformation of images (scaling, rotation, rotation, etc.), creating translucent objects, and text rendering.

Updates in the new version

  • For PDF, support for color fonts in Type 3 format is implemented.
  • The surface is automatically enabled Tee, which ensures the redirection of introduction to other surfaces (used in Firefox).
  • Problems are resolved in the font backing dwrite.
  • Improved surfaces quartz, in which the transactions of the main screen are accelerated and the color space of the main screen.
  • Added API for using a Pixman Dithering filter.
  • Removed the utility Cairo-Sphinx.
  • Removed the surface of XML, which was disconnected by default and was not used in distributions.
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