Linux Rejects Baikal Elektrons’ Driver Corrections

The Linux Nuclei Network Mayor of the Linux subsystem, Kichinsky, has refused to accept corrections for the STMMAC network driver from Sergey Semin, an employee of Baikal Electronics. Kichinsky’s decision came as a result of discomfort with taking patches from Semin’s organization and related equipment. In addition, Sergey was advised to withhold participation in the Linux nucleus network’s development until further notice.

Baikal Electronics had announced at the end of June 2020 that it was the first processor manufacturer in Russia to be included in the main branch of the Linux nucleus. The patches introduced to the STMMAC network driver aimed at implementing support for GMAC and X-GMAC SOC Baikal, along with general corrections for drivability ease.

Source: Lore Cernel.

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