NVIDIA Releases Proprietary Driver 530.41.03

Nvidia has released a new branch of its proprietary driver, nvidia 530.41.03, which is available for Linux (ARM64, X86_64), FreeBSD (X86_64) and Solaris (X86_64). The release marks the fourth stable branch following the opening of Nvidia components operating at the nucleus level. The initial texts of the nuclei modules nvidia.ko, nvidia-drm.ko (Direct Rendering Manager), Nvidia-modeset.ko and Nvidia-uvm.ko (Unified Video Memory), as well as the total components used in them, are published on GitHub, and are not tied to any specific operating system. However, firmware and library user, such as Cuda, Opengl and Vulkan, remain proprietary.

Among the new features incorporated in the release, application profile for solving problems with performance in XFCE 4 when using Opengl backend with G-Sync has been added. Support for the transition to sleep mode when using GSP firmware has also been included. The NVIDIA-SETTINGS application icon has been moved to the theme of the Hicolor icon, which improves the user’s ability to change the icon through the choice of other topics in their environment. The release has also fixed the problem with Wayland applications on systems using Prime technology for the removal of transaction operations on the AMD IgPU (Prime Render Offload). In the NVIDIA-INSTALLER installer, the use of the environment variable XDG_DATA_DIRS has been implemented, resolving the problem with the Flatpak set, due to which the NVIDIA-Settings.Desktop file was placed in the /root/.local/Share/flatpak/share/Applications catalog. The format of compression of the .run package has been replaced from XZ on ZSTD. The nvidia 530.41.03 release has also established compatibility with Linux nuclei collected with the IBT (Indirect Branch Tracking) protection mode. Furthermore, the release added nv-kontrol attributes nv_ctrl_framelock_multiply_divide_mode and nv_ctrl_framelock_multiply_divide_value for synchronization of the Quadro Sync II card with other parameters of the House Sync signal.

The release also provides an application profile that solves problems with performance in XFCE 4 when using OpenGL backend with G-Sync. Additionally, it adds support for the transition to sleep mode when using GSP firmware, and the NVIDIA-SETTINGS application icon is now moved to the theme of the Hicolor icon.

All these new features and the release itself are now available in Linux (ARM64, X86_64), FreeBSD (X86_64) and Solaris (X86_64), as well as being published on GitHub.

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