Fake ChatGPT Chrome Extension Steals Facebook Accounts

Google Removes Malicious Extension Disguised as ChatGPT Neural Network

Google has recently deleted a malicious extension from the Chrome Web Store after discovering that cybercriminals used it to collect the Sessional Cook files of Facebook users. The extension was disguised as ChatGPT, a popular neural network, and was downloaded more than 9,000 times from March 14, 2023 until the time of removal.

According to the researchers of Guardio Labs, the malicious software was distributed through malicious advertisements in the Google search engine. These advertisements directed unsuspecting users to a fake extension page where they unknowingly downloaded the extension.

The fake extension functioned as promised, but it also silently collected the cook-films associated with Facebook and transferred them to the remote server of attackers in an encrypted form. The hackers then gained control of Facebook accounts and changed the account data to spread extremist propaganda using the hacked profile.

Guardio Labs has disclosed an attack scheme used by cybercriminals to propagate their malicious software by exploiting the popularity of ChatGPT. Prior to this, cybercriminals used fake advertising on social networks for this purpose. The study results indicate that attackers can quickly adapt their harmful campaigns to target a wider audience.

It is important to note that Meta and its products (Instagram and Facebook) are recognized as extremist, and their activities are prohibited in the Russian Federation.


– Guardio Labs: https://labs.guard.io/fakegpt-open-open-open-turned-mlicious-ino-variant-the-facebook-stealer-d00ef9883d61

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