France will withdraw its soldiers from Burkina Faso within one month

The Burkinabé government has ended the military agreement with France, whose members of the special forces are stationed in a camp near Ouagadougou.

mo12345lemonde with reuters

France has received the denunciation by the government of Burkina Faso from the Defense Agreement which has been linking the two countries since 2018 and will withdraw its soldiers from the country within one month, said the quay of Orsay Wednesday January 25.

The Burkinabé government had confirmed its decision to end the military agreement with France on Monday, of which around 400 members of the special forces are stationed in a camp near Ouagadougou, without having the mandate to intervene against jihadist groups in this country. This decision, which recalls that taken by the junta in power in neighboring Mali with regard to the soldiers of the operation “Barkhane” last year, fueled speculations on a rapprochement between the Burkinabé military power and Russia, in Private the paramilitary group Wagner.

“We formally received [Tuesday] the denunciation, by the Burkinabé government, of the 2018 agreement relating to the status of the French forces present in this country,” said the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs: “in accordance with terms From the agreement, the denunciation takes effect a month after receiving the written notification. We will respect the terms of this agreement by following this request. “

The transfer to Niger of at least part of the soldiers hitherto deployed in Burkina Faso is one of the tracks mentioned in the Ministry of the Armed Forces.

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